A ritual reconnection to the land that sustains us

We grow or responsibly wildcraft plants for our products to create moments of connection to the natural world through the simple ritual of washing and bathing.

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Not only is the scent beautifully refreshing, but this soap behaves like no other handmade soap I've ever tried - the lather is silky and fine and the bar remains nice and hard during and after use. I get the best use out of these bars because none goes to waste.

Sara F.

My boyfriend bought me these [bath salts], to help me calm down at the end of the day. They're so nice! Beautiful bottle and design. Would definitely recommend.


Wow! This soap is incredible! It smells amazinggg and I love how smooth the texture of it is. It's hydrating and nourishing, especially for my dry skin. I'm really impressed with it, and will definitely be getting some more :)