How to ALTR

ALTR Process

ALTR seeks to transform popular soap culture by elevating the seemingly mundane activity of washing into a ritual reconnection with the land. We say this in all seriousness and we achieve it by making habits of doing the following:

  1. GROW: We personally grow much of our own plant material, planting heirloom varieties of herbs, and using only organic cultivation methods.
  2. HARVEST: We harvest plants we grow ourselves and we also wildcraft. In each case, we thank the plant for being a part of our cycle. We only take what we need and leave the rest for nature, and we never wildcraft from threatened populations.
  3. INFUSE: We use a special infusion of proprietary blends of local herbs to individualize each of our soaps. This makes the soap extra nourishing and special as it is the plants that bridge us to the land.
  4. APPRECIATE: We appreciate our privileged place in the ecosystem we are participating in. To honor the natural circuit, We use sustainable practices, recyclable packaging, bulk sales without packaging, and a portion of our profits go to 1% for the planet.

Ritualize Washing

List of 5 guidelines to help you ritualize your washing:

  1. Intentionalize the Mundane: It's easy to think of washing as a chore to be hurried along. Arrest the automatic. Care for yourself consciously.
  2. Be Mindful of the Origin: The law of Conservation of Energy basically says that energy always comes from somewhere. The plants we use are living things growing in southern Ontario. They have a life and a place and that's special because we share it with them.
  3. Appreciate the Work: Work is energy changing its form. Not all methodologies of work are respectful of our relationship with the land that sustains us. The work ALTR puts in ensures a socially and environmentally responsible relationship with the land that lets you feel good about using our products.
  4. Devote Undivided Attention to the Activity: Try to eliminate distractions while washing. These ingredients are giving themselves to you. Give yourself back to them.
  5. Give Something Back: When you consume energy from the earth, find a way to give some energy back to the ecosystem's natural circuit. Gardening, hiking, learning to identify even one new species, giving back can take many forms.


ALTR is honoured to be a part of your care rituals. We know it can be hard to decide what to gift yourself or your loved ones, so here is a little quiz to hopefully help you decide!

Question 1: Season

The person I'm gifting is a fan of:


Question 2: Skin-type

The person I'm gifting has:


Question 3: Scent

The person I'm gifting prefers:


Question 4: Activity

The person I'm gifting: