Handmade soaps with organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Each bar is built around a nourishing infusion we make with local plants.


Dear Friends,

 Lavender and chamomile from my garden last summer

Lavender and chamomile from my garden last summer

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my small home on the internet. While the shop exists to connect you with the fruits of my labour, I wanted to take the time and thoughtfully chronicle the process as well.

So what is the process? For me, it's much more than coming up with a recipe, making something, packaging it and then putting it out there (even though this in itself is a tremendous amount of work).  Sassafras comes out of a love I have for natural ingredients (and working with my hands) and ultimately, the heart of the process is my attempt to understand all these beautiful materials. While I have had a longstanding interest in different forms of herbal medicine, I am equally fascinated and inspired by the rich history that is found in roots, leaves, trees, flowers, shrubs...they all carry stories of how people have interacted with the natural world and these are stories I always want to be open to hearing.

So, here you will find my attempts at learning botany, plant history, natural medicine, my experiences with technical things like medicine making, making products, early efforts at distillation...and then whatever else arrests my curiosity in the world of plants! Hopefully, this information will be useful to you and keeping track of my process will keep me disciplined in my personal studies!

If it isn't obvious already, I completed my undergrad in cultural anthropology and have long flirted with further studies in ethnobotany. One thing at a time though, unfortunately!

Thank you for reading and well wishes to you all.