Sassafras is an apothecary studio offering carefully crafted, handmade self-care products - skincare, soaps, seasonal body oils, herbal balms and aromatherapy using botanical ingredients that are organic, wildcrafted or locally sourced.  We are formally trained in aromatherapy and are constantly exploring different forms of plant medicine. We choose our ingredients thoughtfully: they must be natural and nourishing, gentle yet effective, and provide a restorative experience to both self and spirit. Our formulations are both simple and luxurious, because to us, that’s how it should feel to take care of ourselves.

We try to tread carefully on the earth. We avoid plastic in our packaging, instead choosing to invest in glass or metal containers that can be reused or recycled easily. Making informed and empowered choices is important to us as well and for that reason, we offer regular DIY workshops. And, well, making things is fun.

Apart from being a lovely word, Sassafras is a tree native to the Carolinian forest of North America, with the largest Canadian cluster being found in Hamilton, Ontario, a place we call home. It’s a beautiful tree with deep, undulating (some would say 'wacky') leaves and a rich history. To us, it symbolizes the kindness this city has shown and the relationships we have built here along the way. These are important experiences that we want always to remember and carry with us. Furthermore, it serves as a reminder to always put the plant first, which essentially is the heart of each of our creations.

We hope you will enjoy our collection of handmade, relentlessly natural, botanical elixirs, balms and soaps that were created with a commitment to you, the earth, and the beautiful ingredients that inspired the products.